Hi there,
I'm Blessing but you could call me "Moh"...

How did your journey to becoming a photographer start?

” My journey to becoming a photographer started when I figured out I could take beautiful pictures with my mobile phone and tweak them in a way that would look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As a growing Nigerian girl child, I always had an inclination towards the arts. I enjoyed watching movies, especially Nigerian movies, I sang a lot and was quite good at both drawing and painting. 

When I started with mobile photography, I never thought of it as something I would fully commit to, but as time went by, I developed a strong liking for the process of creating these images, and then I decided to invest in a camera.

Growing up in Nigeria, I loved everything about my homeland, the food, the noise (..lol), the music and parties, the culture(well some aspects of it), the artworks sold in the shops. I was used to being the “life of the party” amongst my peers but that quickly changed for me when I moved to Canada. 

In truth, my transition to Canada helped me understand myself a little better and presented me with a lot of opportunities that enabled me to develop the creative part of me. Now I can confidently say, that as a “primarily” perfect-Melancholic,  Photography has been my way of displaying the creative part of me, optimizing my “alone-time”, and subtly putting the “perfectionist” in me, to use.  

How did you come up with the name “MohBééDa” ?

“Figuring out a name for my brand was a bit challenging because I wanted something that was original, something that was for “ME” and so MOHBÉÉDA was birthed from nicknames my dad, mum, and grandparents would usually call me, Of course, It made a lot of sense to include the very important people in my life. 

So far, how has the journey been?

” The journey has been amazing, challenging at times, but “We Move”. The “vibes” change for me every single time, a student I will always be, but this student is leaning towards displaying the beauty of God’s creation in a simple yet detailed way through her ever-changing style of work. 

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