“Thou art all fair, my love; And there is no spot in thee”

[Song of Solomon 4:7]


Figuring out a name for my brand was a bit challenging because I wanted something that was original, something that was for “ME” and so MOHBÉÉDA was birthed from nicknames my dad, mum, and grandparents would usually call me, Of course, It made a lot of sense to include the very important people in my life. 

So far, the journey has been amazing, challenging at times, but “We Move”. The “vibes” change for me every single time, a student I will always be, but this student is leaning towards displaying the beauty of God’s creation in a simple yet detailed way through her ever-changing style of work.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us!

“Such a great photographer. She will get the work done while having an open mind, always ready to hear the client out. She’s the full package, having fun while doing her job. She really does keep the environment lively. Not only is she a great photographer, her editing skills are unique and definitely can’t be matched. IG: legendaryfashion1
The Living Legend
“My Photo session with blessing was an interesting one. It was more of a conversation as opposed to a photo shoot. Blessing was professional, engaging, and funny. I was really impressed with the outcome of the pictures and would definitely book her for future events.
Chukwuebuka Stephen

“In His Image and For His Glory”

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